• Experience +
    Knowledge =
    Great Counsel

  • Experience +

  • Knowledge =

  • Great Counsel

Summer L. Nastich
Sophisticated, Thoughtful, and
Passionate Representation

Summer L. Nastich's primary objective and over-arching mission is to provide outstanding, client-focused legal services. She does this by developing and implementing the best, most cost-effective solution possible for each client’s unique challenges and circumstances.

She then executes on that solution through negotiation, litigation, contracting, or whatever other actions are necessary. Summer strives to provide the client, who is often in a very stressful and difficult situation, the best possible experience while obtaining the best possible result.

Summer is committed to under promising and over delivering, she wants to help you get it done—whatever “it” is. And Summer’s been at this for over a decade, so if she can’t help you, there’s a good chance she’ll know someone who can.

Meet Summer Nastich

Summer Nastich

Summer Nastich

Summer’s areas of legal expertise are advising and counseling clients on environmental, construction, and land use issues, as well as handling all of the associated litigation.  But it would be too narrow to think that’s all she does.