Practice Areas



Summer is a highly responsive and experienced  decision-maker.  She has extensive experience in making findings of fact, drawing conclusions of law, and presenting those determinations in well-reasoned and clear written decisions as set out below.  (Note also that, as a sole practitioner, she is adept at managing her workload, using technology to communicate and respond quickly and efficiently and produce whatever work product is necessary.)

Since 2014, Summer has served as an arbitrator for the California Bar Association Mandatory Fee Arbitration Program (MFAP).  In this capacity she handles matters as sole arbitrator and as a member of  arbitrator panels.  She handles cases in which one or more party is represented by counsel, and cases in which both parties are self-represented.  These matters include a wide range of legal subjects and statutes including business disputes, marital dissolutions, landlord tenant disputes, trusts and estates, civil rights, employment matters, and general litigation, as just a few examples.

Summer has served as a member of AAA Panel of Neutrals since 2016. Here again, the range of topics and areas of law these matters span are broad and include consumer protection laws regarding telephonic communications, the sale of used cars, and the obligation to protect the PIN associated with debit cards, as well as laws applicable to construction defects and breaches of contract for educational services, just to name a few.

In October 2019 Summer was appointed to serve as the Independent Hearing Officer for Solid Waste Enforcement Hearings for the County of Sonoma.

Summer also assisted Arbitrator and Project Neutral Ms. Diane R. Smith on multiple cases in which she was serving as arbitrator.  This work included evaluating submissions, making recommendations for decisions, and preparing awards.